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Outdoor Escape offers a wide range of BMX bikes.  With the bmx skate park being introduced here in Mullingar, the bmx scene is set to grow. Be sure to have your bmx ready to roll when the gates open. When it comes to bmx's, practically anything can be customised. If it can be taken off the bike, it can be customised.


When it comes to kids bikes, OE appreciate that kids grow fast. Inevitably they will outgrow bikes quickly. Buy your bikes from us and OE will guarantee the best trade in price when upgrading to the next size.

Our main goal is to ensure the right size of bike for your child. If the bike is sized incorrectly they may struggle with steering and control which could lead to a fall, knocking their confidence.


Give us a call or drop by to ensure the best for your child.       

What Style Kids Bike Do You Need?

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