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WIth the new greenway that is now open, these are the bikes you're going to want/need to be on. Cyclocross (CX) frames are similiar to road frames. CX frames allow more clearance for bigger tyres and mud build up, as well as a shorter top tube to help with handling and control. Some are made for racing, some for leisure. Whichever style suits you there is a bike to match.



If the drop handlebar style bike isn't for you but you still want to take advantage of the greenway, canal or other trails, there is a straight handle version too. It sits you more upright on the bike but is still capable to be taken off road.



Drop by, grab a coffee and tell us what you want to do. We'll do our best to accommodate you and match you to your perfect bike. 

What Style Canal/CX Bike Do You Need?

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